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Those willing to sacrifice their liberty for security deserve neither!

This paraphrased quote from Benjamin Franklin seems to be singled out by every new-age historian that wants to offer their opinion on why they think it’s used incorrectly.

In MY opinion, it couldn’t be any more accurate and applicable to today’s time.  How many times were we told that “we’d be secure inside our homes during the “Plandemic”?  “Stay inside and wear a mask”, they said.  How many times were we told that the “jab” was safe, would prevent you from becoming sick, and keep you out of the hospital?  How many times were we told that the Government had our best interest at heart? 

We know now that the jab was never really tested.  We now know from the CDC themselves, that the jab was never effective at protecting the vaccinated, nor was it effective at preventing transmission.  Now the scary part.  Many medical professionals have come forward to say that this vaccine is in fact, deadly.  Trust the Government?  Here’s my interpretation of the quote.  “Forfeit your freedom for perceived security and you’ll lose both.  This is a big fat “I told you so”.

 Long sleeve unisex graphic t-shirt with Brothers & Arms logo on left arm. 

  • 20/1, 5.4 Oz. Premium Quality fabric
  • 100% Pre-Shrunk Cotton