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  Since 2005, we have been offering firearms instruction to individuals, companies, and organizations in the Inland Empire.  We have successfully taught thousands of men, women, and children, the fundamentals of safe firearm handling and have instilled in them, traits of responsible gun ownership.  We have advocated for the protection of our 2nd Amendment Rights and empowered countless women and first-time shooters along the way.

  We know there are many instructors to choose from but believe you won't find a more comprehensive method of instruction anywhere else.  We did not develop the instruction; it's been around for years in a basic format, however, we have added to it, several details and an in-depth explanation as to why our methods work.  Ours are based on science.  While other instructors will tell you to do something without explanation, we'll be the ones to tell you WHY we ask you to do it.  What's more is that we prove our methods work during every single class with our students who are amazed at their own results. 

  Trigger control, along with other skills, is key to the bullet flying straight and to the precise area of the target you intend to hit.  Many of our students, primarily those with no firearms experience, are able to impact the target at the bulls-eye and then follow up with the second round going through the first hole!  Impossible?

  Come shoot with us and find out how you can do it too!