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Precision shooters come in many disciplines.  We'd like to give a little shout out some special people.  First is Jim Kauber, President of  A retired Navy Seal, Jim has trained about every serious sniper since the early 80s.  His courses are amazing and you'll leave there a better shooter with a clearer understanding of optics, ballistics, and how to get around the elements. 

Clint Walker is the co-founder of Falkor Defense.  Having  developed the first AR platform 300WM, the NEMO,  he had his sights set on bigger fish so he jumped ship and co-founded Falkor.  

Kaitlyn Janicki is a precision bow-hunter.  She shares her passion with her husband Peter and wears the Precision Shooter cap quite well don't you think?

This hat is our Precision Shooter Official Hat. The front has our PS shield patch and a "Brothers & Arms" embroidery on the left side of the bill. The hat has a removable tonal American Flag and our custom  taping inside.