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I made this shirt to commemorate the fantastic time I had at the Pratka "Tough Country" Family Ranch in El Campo, Texas last year after the Shot Show.  I was invited down for my friend's birthday to hunt, fish and unwind.  Many from the firearms industry were there to do the same.  Of course, with alcohol and firearms comes the mandatory safety briefing which included what not to shoot and what to do if you get injured.  Since we were prohibited from shooting any trucks and cabins on the property, everything else was, well, a target.  We were issued 1 can of "pain relieving spray" per cabin in the event of an injury and so, the week of festivities was dubbed, "Man Camp".  Activities included pistol shooting, trail riding, whiskey tasting, hog hunting, beer drinking, ATV riding, beer tasting, BBQing courtesy Bottle Cap Cookers, deer hunting, rifle shooting, helicopter rides while shooting balloons, gambling, cigar smoking, drink mixing, tree climbing, trap shooting, and beer drinking.  I'm not sure what happened after that or how I got back to California but I do know that I must have eaten 5 lbs of meat every day, gained a few pounds and a whole mess of new friends whose names I can't remember.

This is a 100% Ringspun Cotton 4.3 oz tee with an enzyme wash for an ultra soft feel. This fabric is light weight,  breathable and super comfortable.  Large printed neck label.