KEEP CALM AND RELOAD© Bamboo Fiber Socks

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We’ve been working for some time to cover you from head to toe. Now we can. Introducing our KEEP CALM AND RELOAD© Bamboo Socks. You can wear our bamboo socks for several days of riding, walking, or scouting without them getting smelly. That’s because they have special anti-bacterial properties which absorb toxins. Our copyright KEEP CALM AND RELOAD© text with AR rifle are woven into the shaft on both sides. Our Brothers & Arms® text is woven into the bottom of the sock. Reinforced heal and toe in ensure longevity. They are also extra soft and smooth and you can pull them on in one pull, without having to thread them on over your heel.

Let your friends know that you KEEP CALM AND RELOAD.

Available by pair or in a pack of 3!

NOTE: Brothers & Arms® text is woven into the sole of the foot and does not appear on the side of the sock as pictured. Main Picture depicts text actually woven on the sock, not exact location.